1. To provide set up and manage schools, colleges, university and madarsa to enhance literacy rate for the students. To set up library for the students and general public.
  2. To give stipends, grants aids to deserving students to prepare them for higher education.
  3. To set up free dispensary, hospital, treatment Centre and laboratory and related services for humans.
  4. To set up free ambulance services for the purposes of emergency patients and carrying dead bodies of those people who died far from their native houses patient transfer etc.
  5. To set up modern science and computer center, technical information technology and also create awareness about the advantage of modern education.
  6. To teach, educate the people about the health care, provide them free medical facilities for the treatment of diseases by setting up dispensaries, maternity homes & hospitals.
  7. To establish educational institute and vocational training centers for the children of those under privileged and less fortunate families who are desirous to impart good education and training to their children but they are handicapped due to lack of resources.
  8. The efforts will be made to provide dowry and other necessary articles for

the marriages of orphans and needy persons both male and female everywhere.

  1. To urge the parents to get their children educated for their bright future and

not to send them to hotels and workshop. To provide them technical education for the enhancement of family income. Like stitching, embroidery, beautician, cooking and food items.

  1. To setup free Dasterkhan for poor people male and females.
  2. To setup free water treatment plant.