(i)         The principal line of business of the company shall be to construct, purchase, run, maintain, establish, hire or take on lease or otherwise deal with and operate hospitals, nursing homes, maternity homes, clinics, operation theaters, dental clinics and provide all permissible health and surgical related facilities of the different diseases, indoor and outdoor treatment services to the patients and treatment of viral and chronic diseases.

(ii)        Except for the businesses mentioned in sub-clause (iii) hereunder, the company may engage in all the lawful businesses and shall be authorized to take all necessary steps and actions in connection therewith and ancillary thereto.

(iii)       Notwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing sub-clauses of this clause nothing contained herein shall be construed as empowering the Company to undertake or indulge, directly or indirectly in the business of a Banking Company, Non-banking Finance Company (Mutual Fund, Leasing, Investment Company, Investment Advisor, Real Estate Investment Trust management company, Housing Finance Company, Venture Capital Company, Discounting Services, Microfinance or Microcredit business), Insurance Business, Modaraba management company, Stock Brokerage business, forex, real estate business,  managing agency, business of providing the services of security guards or any other business restricted under any law for the time being in force or as may be specified by the Commission.